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I’m a CBT therapist living in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, accredited by BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies).  I offer therapy to adults and adolescents in Central London, Berkhamsted and online.  I also provide CBT coaching and training to businesses and organisations across the UK.  


I enjoyed a long first career as a lawyer, and bring some of the skills and much life experience from that world into my work as a therapist. I trained in ‘Integrative Psychotherapy’ (essentially a wide range of different approaches to ‘talking therapy’) at London’s Regent’s University, and on the MSc CBT programme at the University of Hertfordshire.  I have two adult daughters and a Golden Retriever, Marfy (who sometimes helps with therapy).  


Warmth, empathy, non-judgemental acceptance, scientific rigour and humour are at the heart of my approach to therapy.  I believe strongly in core CBT traditions which put the client and therapist on an equal footing in a collaborative partnership, with the client as the authoritative expert in themselves. I aim to debunk and demystify, strip out jargon, and explain transparently how I work.  CBT aims to give clients a therapeutic fishing rod, not just a fish, so that clients are helped to become CBT experts, their own therapists for the future.  Therapy can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable, but more often it should be healing, uplifting, fulfilling, enriching, fascinating and fun. 


Choosing a therapist can be bewildering.  It’s so hard to know which of the many types of therapy will be right for you, and which therapist you’ll feel comfortable with. The quality of the relationship between client and therapist is key to the success of therapy, so finding someone you feel right with is so important.  One size doesn’t fit all - no one therapist is right for all clients.  I offer all prospective clients the opportunity for an initial meeting free of charge, so that we can both see whether we think I may be the right person for you.  If for any reason I’m not well-placed to help you, I’ll do my best to help you navigate to where you can find the help you need. 


I provide sessions at concessional rates for those without the financial means to access the help they need.  

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